Jan 6th Ice Storm

There is a Ice Storm going on in Dallas area.  We are closing office early today.
If there is any news,  we will update you accordingly.

Jan 6th MasterFBAds session #3

Session #3 was broadcasted on JAN 4th 2017 but  Earlier today ( JAN 5th)  - We got email

saying the Go To Webinar had some issues yesterday..  so,  We will re-do Session #3.

You should have already received an email.

Jan 1st We are closed till Jan 2nd and Will re Open on Jan 3rd 9 AM CST

We are closed till Jan 2nd and Will re Open on Jan 3rd 9 AM CST

Dec 27th AppBuilder Gaire21.com Outage ( RESOLVED )

Update Dec 27th 7 PM CST.At this time,  All issues must be resolved.The issue was caused by a library conflict due to a system update pushed by OS Nexus team to QuataStor servers.We will monitor the system.Update Dec 27th  6:38 PM CSTMost of your App should be back on dashboard now.We are still working to fix small issues  and they should be ... Read More »

Dec 24th Merry Christmas & Weekend Office Closing.

Merry Christmas to all our friends (  That's you! ) whohelped and supported me in 2016 and i hope to see same support in 2017.In 2016 we crossed having over 800k+ customers.   We want to thankall the partners, JVS, Affilaites and ofcourse our precious customers!2017 goal is to cross 1.5 M # of new Custoemers ,  Have better faster ... Read More »

Dec 22nd PRO TIP- How To Get Faster Response To Tickets

Due the the fact that our company manages over 900+products online/offline.  It's important to follow some protocols.#1.  Login When Trying to open a ticket.  Most of youalready have an account, if not there CLICK HERE to register.#2.  Respond to tickets from this system,  not via email.   Link to respondto ticket is usually at the bottom of ... Read More »

Dec 22nd AppBuilder Data Outage Last Week

AppBuilder had an data outage last week and Softlayer and SC
are trying to recover the data.

97% of all data is recovered and back up already.
We are working with SC and Softlayer to speed this process asap.

At this time,  App Builder  gaire21.com is running smoothly.

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