Dear Customer,

If you would like a fast response.  Please help us out...

#1.  Submit ticket as a registered user.   A lot of you submit ticket as a guest,
this will only delay things.  

(  We have to ask you more informaiton and Guests tickets are answered last)

Registering is EASY.  Click   to register
then you can login via 

Most of you ALREADY have an account with us.  See if you can login,  if not,
do forget password if you think you forgot the logins.

#2.  Submit ticket on right department.

For example,  if you are a server/hosting customer,  You might want to submit it to
corresponding department so you get answers FASTER.

#3.  Provide AS MUCH information as possible.

Logins Information,  Related receipts , Anything that will help us
figure out how to help you.    Also,  It's GOOD idea to tell us WHICH product do you need help with.

Submitting a ticket like  " i need my logins" ,  Is pointless & will only delay
things.  You need to tell us which product,  whats the issue, provide screenshots, or video recordings.

#4.  Support Takes Time.

There is an exception to some products but 90% of products,  it will take 48 business hours.
Business hours is Monday to Friday 9 am to 5pm CST only.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

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