How To Get Support From GAIRE GROUP

Please read this entirely to avoid any delay for support.

To file a ticket,  YOU MUST be LOGGED IN BEFORE FILING TICKET.    We will NOT respond to GUEST Tickets.

If you don't have a LOGINS,  then go to

then to Login Go here:

All support ticket must be filled out through


Support tickets are typically answered within 48-72 BUSINESS hours after submissions.
Our Hours are 9 AM TO 3 PM CST Mon-Fri

We reserve the right to refuse your support ticket that does not meet the above contacting support team conditions at our sole discretion.

To Respond to the ticket,
there is ALWAYS a LINK at the bottom of the ticket email.  CLICK THAT LINK
and then submit a response.  If you file a response via email.  It will not reach us

We do not offer PHONE or EMAIL support.


If, applicable, You can pay a premium fee to speed up the response of the ticket. No REFUND is allowed on premium fees on support tickets.

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