Adding Amazon API On InboxSumo

In this step- We will basically  connect Amazon API to InboxSumo.
This process should not take more than 5 minutes in max.  

Here is a SHORT video on the full process.   Watch this video so you 
get an idea of what to expect then you can follow the steps below.  

Please watch the video on full screen if possible. 

Step 1 : Login to your Amazon Console @ 
Step 2:  Login and click on SES
Step 3:  Click on SMTP Settings on the left.
Step 4.  Create user credientials.   ( SAVE THIS INFORMATION )

Step 5:  Login to your InboxSumo Account
Step 6.  On left > Servers > Deliver Servers >  Create New > SMTP Amazon
Step 7: Fill out the information.

Rememeber - Your "From Email" is the email that you verified on Amazon.  If you need to
verify more email addresses. Simply go back to Amazon Conside and you can verify as many emails.

You will find your host name at SMTP Settings and make saved your username/password for api.
You will enter this information on the form as well.

Step 8:  Once all the information has been inserted. Click SAVE CHANGES.
System will prompt you to verify that this server works by asking you to enter an email address.

Enter any email that you have access to.  Click Verify Server > Go check your email to see you received that email
Click on the URL provided on that email.

Voila!  You are done!  You are ready to send out massive emails!

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