Attention ALL Customers, Please REVIEW This Before Filing Tickets

Welcome to GAIRE GROUP LLC Support Site. We are EXCITED TO HELP YOU!To help you serve better,  Please note the following things: Support is ONLY provided via (This website)we will not provide any support via EMAIL or  Phone.For privacy & Legal Reasons, all attempts to contact support via Email or  Phonewill be ... לקריאה נוספת »

28 יוני 2020
Received An SuiteOMatic Invoice?

Please IGNORE the email. We have not charged anyone.

This is just an email that the system sent out to inform customers
that the account was renewed but the wording on the email is not right.

We will fix the wording on the email within 48 hours.

Rest assured that there is no charge and won't be any. We promise

27 מאי 2020

We are here to serve you & help you going but please abide by these rules,so that we can help you properly!   1.  REGISTER an account on GAIREGROUP.NET  if you don't have one already. If you already have an account,  ( which you may ),  then simply Login. 2.  File tickets on "SecureDash Support"  ... לקריאה נוספת »

12 דצמבר 2018
SMSBot Support - READ THIS!

Thank you for your purchase.

If you have an issue,  open a ticket but make sure to REGISTER an account prior
so we can track your issues/payments etc.

Register HERE
Then Login to open a ticket.

for information etc.  So PLEASE register.

12 אוקטובר 2018
[READ THIS FIRST] Proper Way To File A Ticket

Dear Customer,If you would like a fast response.  Please help us out...#1.  Submit ticket as a registered user.   A lot of you submit ticket as a guest,this will only delay things.  (  We have to ask you more informaiton and Guests tickets are answered last)Registering is EASY.  Click   to ... לקריאה נוספת »

1 נובמבר 2017
GAIRE21.Com Site Issues [ FIXED ]

Issues have been fixed.Make sure to clear your cookies & cache.Issue was fixed uner 8 hours.    It did not affect any apps,  no apps were down,user could access the platform but the layout was messed up, No dataloss.Thank you for your co-operation. ----We are facing some issues with AppBuilder website at,This issue is caused by ... לקריאה נוספת »

12 אוקטובר 2017
Email Notification On App Flixed

We had issue with email notification,  it has been fixed.

28 ספטמבר 2017
SSL on

This issue will be resolved in next 24 hrs.
Make sure to clear your CACHE if SSL is not working

31 אוגוסט 2017 AppBuilder Site

SC has done some DNS updates.  Please clear your cache for website to work properly.

15 אוגוסט 2017
SSL Issue on Fixed

We have installed a new 3 year SSL on just at 10 :15 pm cst
It may take some time for it to work fully.

Clear cache.

If still issues, please open a ticket

5 אוגוסט 2017

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